Why Celebrate Second Choices?

Second choices. Secret desires. If you’re not the first choice make yourself the best choice. You are not a failure, but a priority for God’s purposes.

Since it`s the time of year when graduations are happening all over the country, I thought it would be appropriate to share my story here.

Mesmerized by the fact that I was considered as the invocation speaker made my heart beat with nervousness. Internally I was elated, and accepted to deliver the invocation for our high school graduating class in front an audience of 1500 people at our community auditorium. It was customary for a retiring teacher to give the speech, but I’m not sure how the choice is made.

That year was different. There were only two of us retiring. As my life had often been a life of second choices, this was no exception. The other retiree was asked first but she declined so the lot fell on me and I accepted. (And fulfilled one of those secret desires on my bucket list–to speak in front of a large crowd!)

Determination has played a major part in my life, and second chances should be celebrated instead of frowned upon. Since I`m not overly competitive I get to make a choice whether I will pursue something even when I wasn`t picked first, or if I had failed the first time.

It`s best to keep on trying until you get it

If I had stopped pursuing and participating in my driving lessons as a sixteen-year-old, I would never have passed my driver`s examination. After my second attempt, I passed. With my newly acquired driver`s licence in my hand, I began my driving experience with enthusiasm. After a few bumps and scratches I became a good driver, and even counted myself as an excellent driver.

Never give up

Your focus directs your life. Success comes after failure, regardless of how many people get chosen before you. Growth happens when we accept that and continue in our journey towards our destiny, and the desires of our heart  are manifested in due time.


My Invocation Speech

Good evenng, and welcome to Hammarskjold`s 2011 Commencement. I extend a warm welcome to all participants on this stage, especially our graduates and to everyone who came tonight.Graduation 1

This day is the beginning of something new and exciting for all of you who are graduating from high school. This evening we are gathered here for you Commencement ceremonies. A quote from Orrin Hatch says, “There is a good reason they call these ceremonies “commencement exercises`. Graduation is not the end; it`s the beginning.`

You are now embarking on a new adventure. Old habits and memories of the past four or five years must be stored in your memory boxes forever. Cherish the good times and the bad times from your high school years, but now look ahead. Your education and character building has begun.

At this time, we ask a blessing for this 2011 graduating class, and bless the ceremonies that we are about to begin. We are truly grateful for the precious gifts of knowledge and discovery that have been bestowed upon these young people. We wish that these graduates will have the grace to make a difference for the good wherever they may find themselves in the years to come. May they each have wisdom to apply the knowledge to their life`s calling, whether in further education, in the workforce, or any other pursuit. May they be happy in whatever direction life takes them.

We are especially thankful for the investment and encouragement the families of this graduating class have made, and continue to make.

We now ask that these young people may make a significant contribution for the good of society in all they do. Keep them safe and enthusiastic about life. And may they find and build their lives in accordance with their own divine truth, respecting their own values but never at the cost to themselves or others.

And finally, in the words of Thomas Edison, `Be courageous! Have faith! Go forward`. Thank you for listening.

Photo credit digitalart via freedigitalphotos.net
Photo credit digitalart via freedigitalphotos.net

God is a God of second choices regardless of situations, and He fulfills the secret desires of your heart.

How many times have you succeeded after several trials and failures?

The truth that sets you free is the one that you acknowledge. You are not second in God`s plan. You are first. He died for you, and you only if you were the only person on earth.



Pirkko Rytkonen

Wife, mother, and grandmother. Christ follower and seeker of truth. Blogging to inspire and encourage others.

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