Coming soon…

Welcome to this home page for a brief visit. Apparently the calendar says summer has turned the corner into fall. So many of you love the warmth of the season and the newness of everything. Nature walks is one of my summer enjoyments, but fall hikes are extra special with the beauty of color.

Even though fall just started, the weather seems confused as hot summer temperatures continue. The splendor of colors will come soon enough.

I`m also right on the verge of the breakout of my baby–debut novel. I`m so ready to have it come out for you to enjoy as well. The front cover design is here.

What am I working on now is the whole process of self-publishing and all the work that goes with it. I had no idea! It’s close to being published. The process has been a long one and tedious. I’m still awed at the fact that it’s almost done. The summer is difficult to get all parts together as the editors and designers are on holidays.

If you wish to get updates, join my Mailing List. Just leave your first name and email address on the Form on the sidebar. I`m excited to tell you more, like a new grandma showing off my new grand baby.

Have a great fall season! Don’t forget to enjoy the moments. They’ll be gone forever!

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