Overcoming Disappointment By Remembering The Good

Overcoming disappointment by remembering the good. Ever experience unexpected setbacks that cast you in an emotional roller coaster? Ever felt out of control? When discouragement weaves in and out of your life, you wonder what you’ve done wrong, and start moaning about the cards you’ve been dealt. You wonder if God has left you when you feel so alone.

Then after meditating on his goodness, you remember the times when he showed up and brought you out of the dark place, and provided for your every need. His actions spoke louder than words. The breakout you experienced directed your life into a new vision and purpose.

God had been working out the solutions all along. You just had to release your hold on the problems. Letting go of the self-pity. Life brought out the hidden joy, and setbacks disappeared in the face eternity. You snapped back into control, not to control others or circumstances, but to control your own feelings.

The Israelites complained about their living conditions so many times and did not remember when God had brought them out of Egypt. At times we behave like these people in the Bible forgetting how God had brought us through our past disappointments.

Every time we’re faced with a let-down we need to focus on the time when God helped us to rise above it. Refuse to live in the emotional stress forever, resist and fight the battle of the mind. Remember the thoughts God has for you are good, not to harm you but give you an abundant life, even in the area of the emotions. It’s a fight, but you can do it, and refuse to fall into self-pity.

“I will remember the Lord’s deeds; yes, I will remember your wondrous acts from times long past.” (Psalm 77:11)

This is one way of overcoming disappointments.

Begin the day with remembering the good times you’ve had in life. Answers to prayers. Little miracles. Protection. Provision. Friendship. Whatever. Great actions have resulted just because you’re a child of God, and called upon His name and how he answered.

But during times of emotional stress, whether self-inflicted or brought on by others or circumstances, we often forget the past, and only think of the present and remain inconsolable unless we fight the battle of the mind, and meditate on the good.

Does time heal the past?

No. Nothing happens if the issues of the past still bring the emotional pain. There may be deep wounds, but once they are healed the pain goes away, and the bitter heart becomes soft again. This is only possible through asking for forgiveness or receiving forgiveness in order to receive a pure heart.

Remember the good times!

Here’s a devotional about change.

Do you fear change?



Cooking Humor With Mac And Cheese

Cooking Humor With Mac And Cheese. Our granddaughter had just come to the cottage. It was lunch time. She wanted mac and cheese. That was easy to prepare, so I pulled out a box. I boiled the water and put the macaroni in the pot. Within minutes it was ready. She and I sat down at our outdoor dining area by the lake. I asked her if she thought it was a little odd tasting. Her face told me that maybe yes. But we ate it. She loved it.

Me, not so much.


I kept thinking what was different about it. It must be the brand since I’ve never used this one before. I should write the company that there’s something wrong here. Even asked my husband to remind me what the box said. It was labeled creamy.

That wasn’t it.

So I did what we should do when we’re looking for something misplaced. I retraced my steps! And went back to the kitchen and checked my jar of salt, thinking maybe it was sugar. We use jars for different ingredients at the cottage instead of the labeled boxes from the store. Cooking humor.

Cooking mac and cheese fun with humor.

We both tasted it. Salt…so that wasn’t it.

What’s the mystery of the odd sweet taste of the mac and cheese? Now heavy into solving the problem, I looked on top of the stove. The pot still had some left. I scraped the remaining mixture into a plastic bowl and put it in the fridge.

Still no answer.

We usually eat leftovers, but this time I may need it for evidence. But soon had a change of heart and tossed it into the trash. About two hours later and after swimming, she asked me if we had any left from lunch.

Imagine that…she wanted more!

My husband got her a sandwich while I fretted. Why did it not taste right? I usually like mac and cheese, whether it’s from a box or not.

Earlier that morning.

We had watched birds in the feeder chirping away. It reminded me that I hadn’t put the hummingbird feeder out yet, and it was the end of July! So I got on it right away. I looked up a recipe for hummingbird food. Within minutes I had it. I followed the instructions and left the sugar water in a pot on the stove to cool down!

I had my answer.

What’s your cooking disaster story?

Check this Cookin’ Mimi blogger for a real recipe for delicious homemade mac and cheese.

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Avoid kitchen mishaps, don’t cook, or get a recipe from the pros. My motto!

Is Your Thankful Bucket Filled With Gratitude?

Is Your Thankful Bucket Filled With Gratitude? A splash of gratitude can work miracles in the attitude about ourselves and God. Each step we take in this life is a gift from God, our Creator, and every breath we take gives us energy for living a fulfilled life. A thankful heart releases healing and strength to face each new day, no matter what challenges we face.



Are we thankful only on one day of the year: Thanksgiving Day? No. Thankfulness is a choice. We choose to have a thankful heart regardless of circumstances or whether we feel like it or not.

Here are a few things most of us can be thankful for:

  1. Notice how the brilliant display of fall colors paints a beautiful picture on a canvas for us to enjoy! If so, is that on your thankful list?
  2. Did we eat this morning? If so, be thankful for the food for nourishing our bodies to function properly.
  3. Did we have a glass of clean drinking water? If so, we added hydration to our bodies for which we are thankful.
  4. Did we wake up in the comfort of our own bed with a warm blanket snuggling our feet? If so, we can be thankful to begin a new day refreshed.
  5. Did we have a choice of what clothes to wear? If so, we can be thankful that we have no worries about stepping outside as the cold winds blow and snow covers the dark pavement.
  6. Did we have a means of transportation to get to our place of employment? If so, are we thankful we have a job to sustain us?
  7. Did we talk with our loved ones today? If so, we can be thankful that they are still part of our lives.
  8. Did we have enough money to pay our bills? If so, we can be thankful for the provision of finances. (Phil 4:19 NIV)
  9. Did we go to church without fear of being imprisoned or beheaded or abused (ISIS)? If so, we can be thankful for the fellowship of believers and the freedom to worship God.
  10. Did you access a health professional recently? If so, we can be thankful as Canadians that we didn’t have to fork out thousands of dollars. My recent hip surgery and 4-day hospital stay didn’t cost me anything! How can I not be thankful?

This drop-in-the-bucket gratitude list is obvious, but is it? Not for everyone. Okay I can go on and preach about all the wealth we have and how we live in the best country in the world, but I will go on.

Credit to Keerati via freedigitalphotos.net
Credit to Keerati via freedigitalphotos.net

One more important drop in the bucket of thankfulness.

Are we thankful for the people in our lives? The Bible says to be thankful every time we remember someone. (Phil 1:3 NIV) Maybe the person was brought your remembrance for a reason so you could encourage him or her along the way. Send a note or email telling that you’re thinking of them. Lift up a prayer for them. Make a phone call. Or visit.

We can choose to be thankful for so many things and situations, even in self-imposed prisons of low self-esteem. Paul and Silas sang praises to their God in the darkest of dungeons in prison. Thankfulness loosed their bonds and the prison doors opened. Thanking God lifts us out of ourselves and sets us up in a higher place where we see differently!

May our bucket of thanksgiving fill up with gratitude one splash at a time until it overflows to others.

Is you thankful bucket empty? What are you thankful for?

Having a heart of gratitude and not a heart full of complaints. See my post about Stinkin’ Thinkin’ vs Thankful Thoughts.


Poem: Mother’s Anguished Love For Her Child

When your heart is troubled and grace for the day seems depleted, you wonder why God has left you. Was he there when suddenly your life pathway turned rocky as your sick child rips at your heart, and the mess of the world weighs on your shoulders? Why does love hurt so much? A Mother’s Anguished Love For Her Sick Child.

Thinking about the journey ahead, I penned this little poem for our pastor’s wife a few days after the family moved to Toronto to attend Sick Kids for their then 5-year-old son’s bone marrow transplant surgery. I emailed the scribble to her on February 14, 2017. Here is the link to her public Facebook group called Jeremiah’s Bone Marrow Transplant where you can see their journey through Tamara’s detailed posts.

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How Can A Dream Matter?

How can a dream matter? Some do and some don’t. A few nights ago one dream reminded me of God’s grace. Most people have numerous dreams, not me. This is significant for that reason, and also because I remembered it very distinctly, even days later. I’ll share it here in detail without any interpretation.

Dream – Scene 1

We had just rowed our little boat across a small lake. My husband had already stepped out of the boat and onto the dock by an area of bushes, definitely not a beach, a little rough but the wooden dock was big enough for a few people and to tie up the boat. I remained in the boat but it slowly moved outward so I asked him to hand me the oars.

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Recalculate Your Inner Conflict To Your Goals

Recalculate. Is there something that you’d really like to do, but won’t because the desire for something else is greater than the thing you should do? Ever missed an opportunity or ended up in the wrong place? Just recalculate.

Paul had a conflict with himself about following the law after his conversion. I’m not talking about sin here, but about my conflict with the environment here in Florida. The sunny days, clear blue waters in the pool and soothing waves fight with my emotions.

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How To Receive God’s Love

How To Receive God’s Love. How much do we love ourselves, others and God? Is there a blockage in the channels? What can we do to unblock and break the barriers to receive it and spread it to others?

Loving ourselves

Sometimes the walls of deception block our hearts from receiving God’s love. The father of lies tells us that we are not lovable. This lie leads to another lie when finally one doesn’t recognize truth from a lie. The truth is God loves us and will never forsake us. Whatever we think about ourselves is reflected in how we treat ourselves and others.

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Dilapidated Shed A Beautiful Room

Rebuilding a Dilapidated Shed. The choice to step inside or not weighed on my mind. Will the floor hold me or not? The rotten wood could cave in anytime. If you looked at the back wall you might see the critters scrambling to get out through the wide cracks.

Looking at the wet ceiling that’s been exposed to the rain and snow makes you wonder if for any reason you would store your valuables here.

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