By the water’s edge – a monologue

Sitting by the water’s edge waves crush

I tune in as the waves slurp the rocks

I listen as the swell crushes at the ragged shore

Moving in and moving out

One moment they punch the jagged rocks

And next a peaceful flow covers like a blanket of snow


Another surge lifts the white cap and bursts, not only on the rocky shore, but the wooden dock

Forced to float by the pressure

Moved, not in the normal direction but in opposite way

As the waters rip the dock the undercurrent pulls towards the open sea

The heat from the sun warms my face

I listen to the waves crash against the rocks

And think of the goodness of God

He is good when the waves roll high or low

Even when I don’t understand

The goodness overtakes the bad when I hear the sound of waves

Calming my soul like a mother snuggling her child

My God is in the waves as they crash to the shore I do not fear

For I know he created me and he knows my inner parts

He seeks me out to reveal his Presence

Even in the pains of life, they may beat and they may push

But they will not destroy

As the rocks along the shore have not moved from the constant pounding of waters

God changes not

His love and mercy remain

The sunshine warms my tired heart and my face glows in the sun

Time to rest

Time to seek the peace that flows in the soul

The One who covers my life

Sometimes the waves come loud and gushing

Or sweet and soft tender

Washing away the dirt and grime of the day

Waters cleanse the debris that hang in its way

The trees green

The leaves still strong hanging on the branches, colorful and bold

Hang on tight

The tree that’s planted by the waters will grow and flourish

The tree that stands in the dry desert may look withered and dead to me

But the roots will gather water from far away

I gaze around and behold the black ash tree


filled with bundles of berries, red and ripe

Wondering what the berries hold, what mysteries inside

The cluster of the red as they hang so low towards the ground they go

Consider the secret of the redness

In clusters like grapes yet uneatable

Its branches support the berries for now

Until the weight forces them to drop to the earth

Seasons change….

Snow covers the berries on the ground

With winter comes the cold

The least favorite season of all but my soul seeks the Presence

Where God’s warmth covers the cold

Through storms regardless of rain, snow, hail, or even a tornado or two

You wash my soul in the warmth of your everlasting love

My heart lingers after your peace as I seek you this day

Let the words of my mouth flow from your heart

May the peace flow over me as I listen to the flow

Back and forth

In and out

My heart hears you today

Thank you Lord I am with you in your place

Where the words of life fill my heart with your goodness

Where peace like a river floods my soul

Where the mystery of red

Reveals the blood of God’s Son shed on the cross for me

Pirkko Rytkonen

Wife, mother, and grandmother. Christ follower and seeker of truth. Blogging to inspire and encourage others.

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