One Word for 2014 – Change

Since I don’t make resolutions which I would break anyways, I came up with one word for 2014. The word is CHANGE.

Courtesy of Stuart Miles via
Courtesy of Stuart Miles via

I realize it’s a multifaceted word which could encompass so many themes, but it applies to so many areas of life. Whether emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, relational, or trusting God to bring about change it is a powerful word to think about.

What would I do differently this year? Since I didn’t like all the behaviours and happenings of last year, it’s time for change. But what change? There are too many.

Schedule Or No Schedule

Do I need a schedule in 2014? Since I’ve lived by inspiration and impulsive activities most of the last year, I thought I need set up some kind of schedule for myself. They (the successful people) say that you should schedule yourself 80% of the time and leave 20% for the unexpected. No wonder so much unexpected happened since my schedule played in reverse: 20% scheduled and 80% unscheduled!

I’ve mostly ignored schedules since I’ve retired from teaching. Bells were the normal way telling me where I needed to be at what time and how long. When I retired, I unscheduled my life to the fullest possible, doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted with the free time. I was like a horse let out of the coral…free to run and roam as I pleased.

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Courtesy of

The only problem was that I was not alone in the family so some restraint had to take place. Aside from demands from family members I was living my life on my terms, but including God based largely on emotions.

Include God In Schedule

One day I was listening to a TV preacher who was definitely a leader in the church. He was talking about a schedule and how things don’t happen if we don’t set up a schedule. (By the way, my hubby has been telling me that for years!) I disliked schedules, but I perked up my ears to listen to the man. I can’t remember much of the message, but one thing left an impression on my soul. Include God in your schedule. Do it intentionally. I thought I had God in my life all the time. But I must confess He was part of my life on a need or performance basis.

A reason that God should be on our schedules is that it shows our love towards Him, and to practise His Presence by allowing Him to speak into our lives. There are many stories of people who have intentionally carved out time for God on a regular basis and how time was restored back. More was accomplished. Peace ruled in hearts.

Measurable Changes

God is no respecter of persons so if He can multiply the five loaves and two fish for a little boy then he can multiply the time to get everything done that we need to get done. Living the blessed life under His grace doesn’t mean we waste our time or resources, but that we can see multiplication in our lives.

With God in our schedules, it’s possible to see measurable changes that happen as a result of the blessings.

Following legalistic rules about spending time with God is not what we need. We communicate with Him because He loves us unconditionally so we love him.

Courtesy of Arvind Balaraman via
Courtesy of Arvind Balaraman via

I’ve made a small change already this year. I’ve scheduled reading God’s Word every day. This may sound trivial, but I started with one chapter a day so there is less pressure for performance. Also, I will not beat myself over the head if I miss a day here or there because it’s all about God’s grace.

One change at a time.

Although I have many good devotional books, I feel that reading the scriptures is the CHANGE for 2014. God is included intentionally in my schedule. I will add other priorities as time goes.

Looking forward to change and praying for strength to maintain the schedule.

How about you? Do you have a self-imposed schedule? Or has life set it for you? What hinders you from living on schedule? I love hearing from you.


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