Receiving God’s Love

Receiving God’s Love. How much do we love ourselves, others and God? Is there a blockage in the channels? What can we do to unblock and break the barriers to receive it and spread it to others?

Loving ourselves

Sometimes the walls of deception block our hearts from receiving God’s love. The father of lies tells us that we are not lovable. This lie leads to another lie when finally one doesn’t recognize truth from a lie. The truth is God loves us and will never forsake us. Whatever we think about ourselves is reflected in how we treat ourselves and others.

The reasons we don’t love others like we should could be that we don’t spend time thinking about how much God loves us. Our mind gets cluttered with other thoughts, whether the mundane or serious reflections. What causes us to remain in this state? Holding on to thoughts of the past keeps us hostage. Maybe some past mistake or sin has you thinking about it? God has forgiven you if you’ve confessed then it’s gone but sometimes the hardest thing is to forgive ourselves.

Loving others

If our past experiences were all good then we have less emotional baggage, but if they were negative we have more to deal with. All this relates to how we love ourselves and others, especially close family members. We look at others through our own foggy lenses. If our emotional experiences were positive we can relate easier to others with love. The negative ones are the ones we have issues with.

All this relates to how we experience God in our lives. We certainly can sense the love of God by listening to uplifting music, reading His Word and praying. Spending time in God’s presence can melt even the hardest of hearts. When we feel God what can we do except love him back! From the overflow, we can love ourselves and others. His love is limitless but ours has limits. Even experiencing a drop of it is worth the wait and effort to get it.

At church yesterday the sweet peace of the God’s spirit entered into my soul. A time to cherish and a time to meditate on the love of God. The pastor talked about the question of why we are here on earth. Everyone that’s born is not a mistake. So what’s our purpose? One truth we Christians should grasp is to love Him because of the love that’s been shed for us.

But it’s hard when life knocks you down, and you don’t feel the love. Knowing it in the head is easy, but can we feel it in the heart? It’s possible.

Loving God

How many times a day do we think how great God’s love is? Once, twice or hardly at all?

To study about God’s love here’s a great reference to find scriptures. Bible Gateway on my resource page. Or click her to go to Bible Gateway website.

Pirkko Rytkonen

Wife, mother, and grandmother. Christ follower and seeker of truth. Blogging to inspire and encourage others.

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