Recalculate To Reach Your Goals

Recalculate to reach your goals. Is there something that you’d really like to do, but won’t because the desire for something else is greater than the thing you should do? Ever missed an opportunity or ended up in the wrong place? Just recalculate.

Paul had a conflict with himself about following the law after his conversion. I’m not talking about sin here, but about my conflict with the environment here in Florida. The sunny days, clear blue waters in the pool and soothing waves fight with my emotions.

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The logical side of me wants to get things done, but the right side of the brain wanders wherever it wants with no goals.

It’s already February of 2017 and I haven’t established any clear goals, at least not in written form. Now as I sit in our dining room of the condo here in Florida, I’m convicted. It’s hard, especially when my husband just left for the swimming pool. What makes me want to stay indoors on such a beautiful morning and resist the temptation to walk out?

Giving myself grace, that it’s okay to enjoy the sunshine. It’s the right thing. Pursuing a goal can wait. I can always recalculate!

Take a bite out of last year`s goals

Last year’s goals are still in front of me. Did I fail to accomplish them? Yes. If we do our best, then let the guilt go. Life has a way of interrupting your plans, but it’s all good because, in the end, it’s God who establishes the steps, if you are a believer. All I need to do is take one step at a time and move forward.

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If we don’t plan, we plan to fail, but if we plan we’re going somewhere. We used a GPS during some parts of the travel from Ontario, Canada to Florida. We didn’t need it for the big picture since we’d traveled it many times and studied the map. The main interstate highways hadn’t changed much, but other highways around cities had more congested traffic at the exits and entrances which required the navigation system.


One time we exited too early and didn’t exactly follow what the voice on the GPS said. We ended up going past Atlanta, Georgia from the west side instead of the east side. That added about thirty minutes to the driving. Not a huge mistake.

But during the time we stressed about the fact that maybe we made a big mistake and were going to end up in the middle of nowhere instead of Jacksonville, Florida, our direction at the time.

My tendency is to blame the driver or the signs along the highway. So which one did I do? Both. Thankful that my husband kept his cool and continued driving while reading the signs. His laser-sharp sense of direction calmed him, but me. Well, that’s another story.

The voice kept saying recalculate every time we missed another exit, but we decided to continue on anyway knowing we’d get to our destination. We knew the big picture and the small steps were what we needed to focus on.

While driving in mega cities with dozens of lanes and millions of cars, we’ve had to refocus our direction many times. We’re both the same in one way. We check the maps before leaving for unknown territory. Trusting the GSP is good but it can also take you through wrong roads like the toll ones which we try to avoid. And even to the wrong state!

Goals for 2017

Back to last year’s goal–finish the book. It’s easy to measure the results of this goal. I completed the first draft by June, then took the summer off and worked on the editing the rest of the year, except for October and November. European travels took priority.

Recalculating the goal for 2017. Finish edits and publish the book.

We plan but God orders the steps.

Many plans are in a person’s mind, but the Lord’s purpose will succeed. Proverbs 19:21 (CEB)

Don’t have to feel bad if you didn’t reach your goal. Just recalculate!

What recalculations have you made this year? Did you make goals?

What fight are you having within yourself? Wish you were somewhere else? Wish you had more time?

Pirkko Rytkonen

Wife, mother, and grandmother. Christ follower and seeker of truth. Blogging to inspire and encourage others.

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