Why personal transitioning takes time?

Transitioning. At the end of November 2017 we sold our house in Thunder Bay, and packed our stuff into a moving truck and flew to Toronto, just before the snowstorm hit Thunder Bay.

Now three years later, we can say we have settled easily to Southern Ontario, namely Markham at first and now Stouffville, just across the city line. The climate has been favorable to us as we enjoy the shorter winters and longer summers. Warmer winters with very little snow especially appeal to us. February of 2018 we had extremely warm temperatures in the teens!

If you wish to get updates of what’s happening with our transitioning to a different life here in the GTA you can join my Mailing List. Leave your email address on the Form. However, if  you joined my Mailing List in the last year and have not received any email from me it’s because I have not mailed any. Due to personal situations I have not written much, but hope to change this in the near future. So hang in there and check here from time to time.

A published book in 2017

Just like a newborn baby is the cutest in the world, at least to parents and grandparents, my book baby is the best because it’s my first one, at least from my point of view. And the fact that it took almost five years to write while learning the process of novel writing it remains my baby, no matter what. It’s on sale on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats. I have some paperback copies if you live near me where we can connect in person. I’ll even sign your copy!

Read on Kindle for $2.99.

A new granddaughter in 2017

We became grandparents for the second time to the cutest little baby girl. Although she’s not a baby any longer, we consider her a baby transitioned into toddlerhood (is this a word). She brings us a lot of joy with her constant growth and development spurts.

Discovering nature

Living on the outskirts of the mega city of Toronto has not disappointed us in the area of the green space which we are able to enjoy on a daily basis. The environment around our area is so beautiful with all the mature trees and walking pathways (actually over 100 km of paths). We’ve made a goal to walk every day anywhere from 3 km to 5 km a day.

Driving on the world’s largest freeway

Driving here is part of transitioning into the culture of Canada’s largest city and metropolitan area. Although I’ve driven the 401 in my youth when visiting here I have not even tried it yet. It`s time to ease into it. Just like I don`t like to jump in the lake at the cottage, I don`t like to push myself into the seemingly endless rush hour traffic until I`ve had a little taste of it first. So my next step (after 407) is the 401. That will be on my way to Ikea! Wish me luck. Transitioning from 407 to 401 soon. Toll road 407 is a joy but we’re not using it much since it’s not free.

What reader’s are saying about THE OTHER CHILD

“I loved the book!. I thought it was going to be the typical picture perfect family with a dark side, but that was not the case.”

“An excellent read. Seems like a typical day of a perfect life that turns into a rollercoaster ride with just enough twists to keep you wanting more.”

“It has all of the qualities I look for in a book: the poignance of a child looking for his birth parents, conflict, and a Christian theme of acceptance and forgiveness.”

The Kindle ebook is here Amazon.com. The Paperback is here Amazon.com.

In Canada the Paperback is here Amazon.ca. The Kindle ebook is here Amazon.ca.

The perfect life…or the perfect secret?

One Saturday morning Emma’s perfect life begins to crumble when a stranger knocks on her door. Except he’s not a stranger. He’s the birth son she gave up twenty years earlier to pursue her dreams. Oblivious to his problems, Emma resorts to behaviors that she didn’t know she was capable of. Denying the truth could mean losing everything–a stable family and a corporate career–she’s worked so hard to achieve.

Mathias, an aspiring medical student, wants nothing more than to know his background and the reason for his life-controlling issues but the woman he finds keeps him second-guessing his intentions. What is she hiding?

As the family’s core is shattered by judgment and shame, the fallout takes a toll on Emma as she searches for truth in the midst of chaos. Will love become destructive or offer a new beginning?

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Pirkko Rytkonen

Wife, mother, and grandmother. Christ follower and seeker of truth. Blogging to inspire and encourage others.

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