Overcoming Disappointment

Overcoming disappointment by remembering the good. Ever experience unexpected setbacks that cast you in an emotional roller coaster? Ever felt out of control? When discouragement weaves in and out of your life, you wonder what you’ve done wrong, and start moaning about the cards you’ve been dealt. You wonder if God has left you when you feel so alone.

Then after meditating on his goodness, you remember the times when he showed up and brought you out of the dark place, and provided for your every need. His actions spoke louder than words. The breakout you experienced directed your life into a new vision and purpose.

God had been working out the solutions all along. In time you will know what to do. Waiting for the right time. Read about embracing the delay when the answer doesn’t seem to come quickly enough. Maree Dee’s blog here. https://www.embracingtheunexpected.com/how-to-embrace-the-delay/

Just release your hold on the problems and let go of the self-pity. Then life brings out the hidden joy, and setbacks disappear in the face eternity. Your Path to overcoming disappointment is not easy, but possible. Take back control, not to control others or circumstances, but to control your own feelings.

The Israelites complained about their living conditions so many times and did not remember when God had brought them out of Egypt. At times we behave like these people in the Bible forgetting how God had brought us through our past disappointments.

Every time we’re faced with a let-down we need to focus on the time when God helped us to rise above it. Refuse to live in the emotional stress forever, resist and fight the battle of the mind. Remember the thoughts God has for you are good, not to harm you but give you an abundant life, even in the area of the emotions. It’s a fight, but you can do it, and refuse to fall into self-pity.

“I will remember the Lord’s deeds; yes, I will remember your wondrous acts from times long past.” (Psalm 77:11)

This is one way of overcoming disappointments.

Begin the day with remembering the good times you’ve had in life. Answers to prayers. Little miracles. Protection. Provision. Friendship. Whatever. Great actions have resulted just because you’re a child of God, and called upon His name and how he answered.

But during times of emotional stress, whether self-inflicted or brought on by others or circumstances, we often forget the past, and only think of the present and remain inconsolable unless we fight the battle of the mind, and meditate on the good. And allow yourself to grieve, if that’s what’s needed.

If issues of the past still bring pain there may be deep wounds, but once they are healed the pain goes away, and the bitter heart becomes soft again. This is only possible through asking for forgiveness or receiving forgiveness, and accepting the delay with a pure heart.

What disappointments or delays are you still waiting for? In the past what ways have you overcome a disappointment?

Pirkko Rytkonen

Wife, mother, and grandmother. Christ follower and seeker of truth. Blogging to inspire and encourage others.

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