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The slogan “Live And Let Live” brought on a simple story about my own control issues. It’s easy to say that we let go and not try to control others with unsolicited words of advice. But it’s another thing to practice it. This story is just a reminder of how my life is changing.

Credit Arvind Balarman via
Credit Arvind Balarman via

Since I’ve started writing I realized that I have many little life experiences that teach a lesson or two. Writers know that inspiration comes in many forms and from various places. This story broke out of an experience with my granddaughter who lives life to the fullest.

Two years have passed since this story was first written. Since I consider myself a logical thinker lacking in real creativity, I scrapped it as junk. But now I read it again as a reminder of the life I have now. I am blessed beyond what I see with my natural eyes. Imagining the good in life lifts my spirits on cloudy days. So this story reminds me to live for now and enjoy today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to come so today is the day to celebrate life. I can bring the past into today and learn from it. And I can borrow from the hope of tomorrow.

The Story…searching for bugs

Living with imagination makes life fun.  Only a 4-year-old can see bugs where there seems to be nothing to the human eye. Bugs can be found if you look for them.

One day grandma took her young granddaughter on an adventure. A free bus ride downtown Winnipeg took us to the middle of a concrete jungle of tall buildings. Of course the bugs were not there…how could a bug live on the concrete with juggling feet stepping on every inch of the pavement?

Credit tiveylucky via
Credit tiveylucky via


There are so many other scenes to observe. It seems all people of the city were out today…downtown is not only a concrete jungle, but a people jungle. So many different faces: white, black, brown and other colours in between. Men in business suits and women in their stilettos walked hurriedly to carry on their business while the down-and-outers looked for a place to rest their weary feet. A young lady pushing a baby stroller looked worried that she would miss the green light to get her across the street.

My granddaughter was awestruck by the people on the bus…what a ride for a little girl from a small world!  She still looks for bugs…Where are the bugs? We stepped off the bus and started walking down the sidewalk. Looking for bugs, we had to stop wherever there was a single blade of green grass. Grass was very limited…so where are the bugs. Soon she sees a small patch of dirt and grass. “Look here granny, there’s a bug”, she says. I didn’t see it, but a child’s imagination can see anything.

Imagine It

As adults we can learn from a child…imagine it. She’s sensitive and won’t kill the bugs….they’re God’s creatures and have a right to live.

As such, I learned a lesson from a child.

The slogan “live and let live” applies to the bugs, but also to my life.  

I can embrace life through a child’s eyes and enjoy it.  I am also learning to appreciate the joy in the fact that I can “live” for the moment.  And I can allow others to live and learn from their experiences, whether they make good choices or wrong choices. As a mother of adult children with their own problems, I can be an encouragement but not the authority on their life.  Let others live. 

Today I choose to live my life fully happy enjoying small adventures with my granddaughter, making memories!  Live and let live!

This was the story from the past, but still a lesson to be embraced everyday. Today I can live by letting go of control because God is in control, not me. How can I stay happy? Simple. Let go of things and thoughts that make me sad. 


Pirkko Rytkonen

Wife, mother, and grandmother. Christ follower and seeker of truth. Blogging to inspire and encourage others.

4 thoughts on “Live And Let Live

  1. “It’s easy to say that we let go and not try to control others with unsolicited words of advice.” How true! Yes letting go is easier said than done. But it makes us happier. Ugh, we are a work in progress. 🙂

    1. Yes, we are a work in progress…sometimes I wonder how long but it’s all in God’s hands. Letting go is difficult for sure, and I think it’s fear that hinders us. Thanks for reading my post.

    1. Thanks. We need that reminder to look at life from the perspective of a young children who live in abandonment. Although I must say today’s children are bombarded with all kinds of worries we never had as children. Bullying, family issues, school issues, fitting in, etc.

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