Laughter As Medicine For Memory

Have you ever been so focussed on life and work that you didn’t notice what’s missing in our life? Or stress blocked out your brain cells that control memory? There are ways to reduce stress by following simple steps like eating healthy, getting enough sleep, socializing, exercising the mind and body, and finding humour. But laughter as medicine for memory.

Finding humour in everyday things helps to reduce stress, especially for us serious types. Ever have difficulty coordinating colours of clothes to match your boots or hat? Your closet is full but you can’t find anything to wear. The missing pants? What are you going to wear? Don’t let stress kill your creativity.

The missing clothes

Did the dog eat my socks? Impossible. We have no dog. Only two mature adults live here. Where are my socks, any socks? When I asked my husband, he had no idea. He didn’t ever know his own socks, underwear or t-shirts were also missing. He had no inkling. A man thing?

The week had been blur of activity. We both kept going and got along fine. I knew the closets are full so no worries. A few times I double checked my dresser drawers, closet, and the hamper for certain items. Where were my black pants? Not a big deal. A reason to go shopping!

God’s promises

We are told not to worry about what we put on that God would clothe us since he so lavishly clothes the wild flowers.

Kaministiquia, Ontario
Kaministiquia, Ontario

It had been a while since I had done laundry. The pile of laundry was getting too high, so it was time. When I opened the dryer to put in a load, what a surprise! The missing clothes had been in the dryer all week. At least they were dry, but wrinkled!

Sometimes life interrupts our daily routine. Have you ever been so caught up with work or something that occupies your mind that practical things get overlooked?

What’s important?

The mountain of clothes we have? Or our mental health? Or our relationship with family? Or spending time in the Word? Losing stuff is nothing compared our very life. We can afford to let go of all kinds of clothes, but cannot afford to lose our mind. We need to go through life circumstances with peace, instead of confusion. With faith instead of fear. With laughter instead of a frown.

A lesson learned

Keep the focus on what really matters. Remember to laugh, love, and have faith.

So we did the LOL thing. Memory is a funny thing. We may have memory lapses as we age, but we have more laughs!

We can’t take ourselves too seriously. I kept thinking my husband had played a joke on me by hiding my clothes. Not a chance. But it would be funny. I laughed on the inside.

Sometimes life brings humour in the midst of difficult situations to release our fears and stresses. Laughter is medicine to our mental health just like exercise can benefit our physical bodies.

Choose laughter, your life depends on it

It’s a memory booster. The brain function of laughing out loud is a health benefit, and an intellectual pursuit. I heard that 20 seconds of belly laughter can add to your mortal life. I forgot how many minutes or hours it was? Our brains are engaged when we laugh at a joke. So what’s the joke?  “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.” Not that.

Courtesy of Grant Cochrane via
Courtesy of Grant Cochrane via

Here’s one if you’re worried about finances

Bob and Bill fly to Alaska for a fishing trip. They hire a bush pilot and rent a boat, rods and tackle. After two weeks, they’ve caught only one small salmon.

“Bill,” Bob says, “Do you realize this lousy fish cost us $2000 each?”

“Wow” bill replies, “It’s good thing we only caught one.” (Reader’s Digest)

Here’s another one about laundry

Q.      What did the first sock say to the second sock in the dryer?

A.      See you the next time around.

So it is with life, the next time around, I will be smarter!

We tend to get serious when small things upset us, but in the big picture, a sense of humour can bring us out of any pickle.

A glad heart is good medicine. Proverbs 17:22 (NLV)



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