How to Move From Failure to A New Beginning

How often do we think about ways to move from failure to a new beginning?

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We failed at something that brought us embarrassment. So then we don’t want to try something new because we might fail. If we never reach to higher heights in our personal experience, we will never accomplish much. So many famous people, especially inventors, failed miserably tens and even hundreds of times. So why is it so difficult for many of us? We try to do things so perfectly that we end up doing very little.

As a hard worker, I tend to do only what I know has a good chance of  success. I don’t want to try something if it looks like I can’t succeed or won’t like. When we tell a child to try a new food, we hear the words, “I don’t like it.” We are like children when we refuse to try something new that would bring us to new levels of success in life.

My path in high school was partly dictated by my own choices, but also by the recommendation of counsellors. What they didn’t know was that I had a dream inside of me. What could a shy backwards immigrant little girl accomplish?


My destiny was already written, only I didn’t know it. Teachers didn’t know it. My parents didn’t know it. Only God knows it. Each person is smart is certain ways. We put so much emphasis on academic smarts that as parents and teachers we forget to nurture other ways of smartness. Some are more musical and creative, and some are more logical and others more hands-on types. In the past girls were not directed into the study of sciences and math as much as they are today. I’m glad I made a choice to follow my heart regardless of cultural norms of the day.

Were there obstacles? Lots of them.

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I heard a story about a young man who wrote a paper for his teacher. The paper was returned with a big F written at the top with a comment to rewrite it and return it in a week. A week went by and the student came back and handed the teacher the same paper with no corrections made. The teacher asked, “Why didn’t you make any changes?” The student replied, “You can keep the F and I will keep my destiny.” He had a choice to accept failure. But he took a radical step and would not allow an authority to dictate his life. He had destiny written on his forehead!

There are many reasons why the fear of failure grips at our thought life. The biggest reason is negative thinking. We think that we will fail anyway so it’s no use trying. Or that we are not smart enough. But the truth is that if we don’t try we could never experience success if or when it comes. I had a huge poster on my classroom wall which read something like YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY.

For those of us who believe in God, we should step out when we feel the tug in our heart. If we act on something out of obedience then we don’t have the worry about the results. He is in control and if we do what we know to do He will take care of the rest. It sure releases us out of responsibility. So what if we fail? Try again. I know this sounds simple but we have to believe in the power greater than us.

Try Again

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Sometimes we just have to try again. I know that it’s not easy but it’s worth a try. Failure is not the end. It’s the beginning. But failing at your first career job is no small matter. I had made a career choice to become a high school teacher. I worked hard to complete the required education. I was so excited, but also nervous, when I was hired for my first job. The school year progressed as expected and I worked harder than ever. But that wasn’t enough. My contract for the next year was not renewed. I was devastated. I failed!

It was the beginning of a new season for my career. We moved to another city and I got another teaching job where I experienced twenty-five years of success until retirement! So receiving a failing grade is not the end!

Dreams Have Destiny

Whatever dream you have go for it. Success comes to those who don’t quit. God can use failures but not quitters! He can also equip you.

It’s not over. More dreams mean new experiences in life. It’s never too early or too late to start stepping out into your destiny.

Are you doing what your heart desires? Is there a dream inside you? What are you doing about it? Leave a comment.

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