Are Goals Needed For Success?

Are goals needed for success? If you set goals you’ve made resolutions that you intend to keep, but if you don’t, how are you going to change. Aside from the main ones of losing weight, eating healthy and exercising what other goals are there? The self-improvement ideas probably result from the Christmas Season when we feel bloated and sluggish.

photo credit: A Better Tripp via photopin cc
photo credit: A Better Tripp via photopin cc

Looking back first.

The year 2014 brought many major events that I had not anticipated in the beginning of the year when I had set my goal with one word instead of the traditional New Year’s resolutions.

One word from the beginning of the year — CHANGE

My idea was to intentionally increase the presence of God to my schedule and see measurable changes. I must confess the goal of reading one chapter of the Bible did not happen every day. I did start our super excited, but failed in the end when life got a little crazy.

Three major changes of 2014 that greatly impact our lives now and in the future:

#1  My mobility changed for the better after surgery when a new hip was implanted in my body.

#2  Our housing changed when we moved from a condo to a large house in the suburbs bringing our family an improved life style.

#3  Our family situation changed when we were surprised negatively by circumstances beyond our control.

Setting goals.

Goals are good but without any way of measuring the results they are useless. Writing your goals down helps to focus better, and

if we forget we could review them. Its known that successful people make written goals to remind themselves where they are going.

This time of year we think about the year ahead, but can we really plan the whole year in advance?

Not likely.

If we knew the future we would be like God. Only He knows the end from the beginning and directs our steps if we follow Him. He knows the future. It is said that the future is dictated by past experiences unless we make intentional efforts to plan for it.

We can, and should, make plans and trust God to direct us. (Proverbs 16:9) Plan ahead and make good choices that would guide you on the journey.

Making resolutions will not work for most people and often bring disappointments when we fail. After a few weeks our enthusiasm comes to a standstill and we no longer work through the projects or activities we’ve declared for ourselves.

It’s best to focus on the process of how to get there instead of the final destination.

My husband and I recently planned our 6-week winter vacation to Florida. The plan was put in place many months before the end of last year. We had to search for accommodations and make reservations.  We left the last week unscheduled so we could book a cruise when we found the one we wanted. Then we booked our flights. And finally our car rental.

The planning took several weeks of researching the internet and making phone calls. Once it was done all we have left to do is to live the experience and allow the process to take over.

The journey.

We don’t have to have every detail in place. Just the destination and how to get there. That way we can enjoy life. It will happen one experience at a time, and before we know it we have reached the goal.

photo credit: symphony of love via photopin cc
photo credit: symphony of love via photopin cc

The point is that we learn how to savor the happenings along the way. Learning to enjoy each moment of time can be a challenge if we’re not careful.

Would it make sense if we rush through the year in our heads and imagine how everything should work out?

That would be a time waster.

A weaknesses that I struggle with is the enjoyment of the moment. I’m constantly planning the next step before completely experiencing the previous step. If that’s already done in my mind, then I’ll think on the whole year or what I would do if things didn’t work out a certain way.

Following through on projects has been another weakness of mine. I could start something and never finish it unless I’m totally passionate about it. My mind works on projects better than my physical body does.

If we let go of anxiety and allow the process to evolve, the journey into the new year can be more enjoyable. Inviting God to direct us would make things more peaceful in the mind as we prayerfully think on goals for the New Year.

“The steps of a good man (woman) are led by the Lord. And he is happy in his way. When he falls, he will not be thrown down, because the Lord holds his hand.” Psalm 37:23-24 NLV

How do we balance our goals of improving ourselves with improving the life of others? Both are important for success.

How we can contribute to helping others this year? Do you set goals?

Have a blessed year whether you set goals or not!






Pirkko Rytkonen

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  1. Great post, Pirkko. I try to keep my resolutions simple, because of that failure/discouragement thing you mention.

    Where are you headed in Florida?

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