Decade By Decade I Knew You

First Decade – I knew you…
  • when you were born as the middle son of three who broke the rules of tradition and dreamed of faraway places
  • when business and salesmanship blood burned in your bones to create your Christmas card sales strategy before any competition could jump in
  • when with dirty face and muddy hands you never let go of the rod waiting for the finest fish for mother to cook that night

Second Decade – I knew you…
  • when self study dominated your life as you spent your free time reading all the volumes of the encyclopedia at the village library
  • when you devoured all the western comics and American thriller stories to fill your inquisitive mind
  • when you built that tree fort from stolen lumber and got in hot water with your father

    Photo Credit to Serge Bertasius at
    Photo Credit to Serge Bertasius at
Third Decade– I knew you…
  • when you made up your mind and set your sail towards Sweden with younger brother in tow, much to the disapproval of you father
  • when, with humble heart, you heard the voice of God and embarked on the years of seminary studies preparing for the ministry
  • when you crossed the Atlantic and found your life partner and served in the ministry with you head held high in spite of the trials
Fourth Decade – I knew you…
  • when you travelled South for more Bible school studies, this time with a family of four the adventures never stopped
  • when you acted in faith and heeded the call back to your home country to pastor your own people.
  • when you were misunderstood and left your country with a bleeding heart, to return to Canada where a new ministry began
  • when you neared forty and faced another challenge with language and had to preach in English to the new congregation you pioneered
Fifth Decade – I knew you…
  • when your faith was tested and you believed against all hope, but in the end God released you as the pastor
  • when you had nowhere to go until a revelation gutted your soul, and you entered the study halls of college at fifty
  • when you passed the tough real estate exams and acquired your real estate salesman licence and turned the corner
  • when your eyes popped open as your future employer confirmed you can make a hundred thousand, a number only seen in the night dreamsBlogPhoto-redBushhome
Sixth Decade – I knew you…
  • as you continued in the new profession with great enthusiasm where you decided you don’t sell houses, but your service
  • when you lived and breathed real estate in spite of all odds whether a declining market or personal trials
  • when your salesmanship skills were validated by the numerous plaques and awards as the top salesman, an honour which comes from above you say
  • when you’ve earned the reputation of integrity and trust among your colleagues, clients, friends and the public
  • when you walked away from the one thousandth open house with sadness in your heart
  • when you drove past the one thousandth property you’ve sold, all with pride of a job well doneBlogPhoto-kakabeka4
Next  – I knew you…
  • from the very first birthday with your mother hovering over you to the seventieth one, with your wife by your side
  • when I first called you for My purpose it remains irrevocable just like your real estate deals, no turning back
  • for the time such as this when you turn the corner of your journey and search your heart where the deepest desires merge with My desires
  • from the very beginning of conception, you were precious and called into My purpose to free the captives and bring sight to the blind
  • before you knew Me, I loved you with an everlasting love

Pirkko Rytkonen

Wife, mother, and grandmother. Christ follower and seeker of truth. Blogging to inspire and encourage others.

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    1. Thank you for reading my tribute to my husband’s 70th birthday. It’s been a long adventurous ride with many ups and downs, but by God’s grace we’re still here.

  1. Pirkko: The love and commitment that you and Andy have for each other is an inspiration. God bless you both!❌⭕️

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