Can You Turn Off Night Noises?

We make choices every day depending on what sounds we listen to. What choice do I have when so many noises ring in my ears? The iPhone, iPod, iPad, and all kinds of social media platforms are at your fingertips.

Do I decide to answer to the noise or the voice? Which is the loudest?

I want to choose sleep, but there are so many voices in the world that call for my attention and distraction. Sometimes it’s better to turn off all noises and add the white noise app. Another app for the iPhone?

Old tech

Since I now have moved into the fast lane of technology, I need to make choices differently. For instance, in the past I never turned my cell phone off; it was on 24/7 when I was using only phone and text. No one called me at night, usually.

New tech

Now that I have the iPhone I am connected to cyberspace. Of course it’s my choice how much of the world I want to experience. I have noticed that I have spent too much time either learning the techie stuff or just surfing the net and socializing through Facebook. The iPhone makes it too easy to fall into this trap.

Smart phone off

So to live more stress-free, I have decided to turn off the smart phone at night. The experts say that we need our regular sleep to stay healthy. Sometimes, I notice that emails are sent during late hours so people work late.

I found the following information helpful. Most people, me included, see the screen just before going to bed. So it’s not good for our sleep cycle.

Within an hour of going to bed, you should turn off any type of technology because it actually reduces the amount of your sleep hormone, melatonin,” said Marci Torres, director of the University Healthy Campus Initiatives. “The computer or any sort of screen gives us a false sense of light, and it messes with the production of that hormone. It also messes with our circadian rhythms of our sleep cycle. It throws all of that off.(Daily Emerald)

Even the screen becomes a noise! And a text or message on your smart phone awakens you if you’ve just fallen asleep. Then you can’t get back to sleep. I’ve had experiences like this, but thankfully, only a few times.

Behavior change

So it was natural for me to change my behavior when I received my first smart phone. It was the best time to make a different choice. Because of other people’s choices I have had many experiences where the house phone (yes, we still have one in the bedroom) has rang at night or just after we got to sleep. It is annoying, especially if it’s not an emergency. The crisis ones are a different ballgame.

I made the right choice and stopped the noise! And I didn’t even know that screens affect our sleep hormone levels. I was concerned about noises.

Purring sound

One time I was almost asleep and heard this faint purring sound. I just ignored it thinking that it was our fridge. I did fall asleep quickly that night. But the next night it sounded again. I looked at my phone beside my bed at the time but that was not it. What was it? We didn’t have a cat? Again, it stopped and I fell back asleep.

The third night, it happened again. But this time, it sounded several times so it kept me up and my hubby also heard it. Then he finally admitted it. He had left his phone in a bedroom two doors down the hall, but it was on vibrate. We could hear it as clear as day! Those night noises are not only annoying, but abrupt your sleep cycle.

What about you? How have you adjusted to the new technology? Let me know about any cool thing about the iPhone.


Pirkko Rytkonen

Wife, mother, and grandmother. Christ follower and seeker of truth. Blogging to inspire and encourage others.

2 thoughts on “Can You Turn Off Night Noises?

  1. Thanks Steph for reading my blog. I also check Facebook too much, but I am usually a very good sleeper.

  2. Great info, Pirkko. I didn’t know that about screens either. I usually fall asleep right away and am not bothered by night noises – unless I’m waiting for a call that one of “my moms” has gone into labour. Even so, I would probably rest more soundly if the last thing I do before bed isn’t checking Facebook. 🙂

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