How Can A Dream Matter?

How can a dream matter? Some do and some don’t. A few nights ago one dream reminded me of God’s grace. Most people have numerous dreams, not me. This is significant for that reason, and also because I remembered it very distinctly, even days later. I’ll share it here in detail without any interpretation.

Dream – Scene 1

We had just rowed our little boat across a small lake. My husband had already stepped out of the boat and onto the dock by an area of bushes, definitely not a beach, a little rough but the wooden dock was big enough for a few people and to tie up the boat. I remained in the boat but it slowly moved outward so I asked him to hand me the oars.

A young lady, also on the dock, took photos on her cell phone, not of the scenery but selfies. Somehow realized I needed my cell phone so I looked for it, but couldn’t find it in the boat. Then I turned around and saw the most beautiful sight. The lake was calm, like a mirror with the light reflecting from the slowly disappearing sun. Two boats silhouetted against the dancing light. I had a sense of urgency to take a photo, but the scene ended.

Sail boat against sea sunset. Blue marine landscape.

Dream – Scene 2

Although there were no other people in the first scene, except my husband and I and the young woman, the picture changed. Suddenly I was among a lot of people in a forest scene. I heard the voice of a little girl saying that she got it, the photo I think. I had the impression that she was saying this to her mother. Again I could not find my cell phone, so I asked her if I could see her photo so she lifted her cell phone for me to see, but didn’t allow me to take it as if it was her prized treasure.

little girl using mobile phone in a park.

The picture was also beautiful. A forest scene and a road. The trees were large with colorful leaves. The ground was covered with leaves as well. A wide road stretching into the horizon getting smaller and smaller with bright colors on both sides, almost symmetrical. Then came the punch line. With wide eyes beaming she told me that there’s her dad and lifted the phone again. I didn’t see because the scene disappeared. I wish she would have held the phone a little longer so I could see her daddy, but again the scene ended.

Dream – Scene 3

Again I was on the shore of the lake, the same place we had rowed to in the first scene. I looked towards the sky on the other side of the lake. Suddenly dark clouds rolled in. First, they covered most of the sky that I could see, then the clouds gathered together into a large funnel.

They kept moving until it appeared like a tornado had dropped down in the distance. My reaction was not of fear, but of sadness for the people on the other side who would be devastated and hurt by the chaos that would result. I woke up.

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  1. Wonderful dreams of
    1) the hand off of your ministry from your husband to yourself
    2) a picture of technology as God to the younger generation
    3) impending chaos of the last days for people on the wrong side of God

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