Acts of Kindness Bring Hope

Social media is used to spread stories today. One story of an act of kindness

by Graur Codrin on
by Graur Codrin on

was about a man who was passing out $100 bills to strangers. A heroin addict was the recipient of such kindness. He had a choice to make. Would he get another fix or would he get help? He made a healing choice, and admitted himself to rehab. The thread of hope was extended to him once again. The hope choice is not easy but it is possible with help.

What’s in a good story?

There is action. There is hope. The emotional story of Rahab is one story in the Bible that keeps a reader on the edge. Can her life be spared in spite of circumstances? Is her family safe?

There is hope for the underdog, prostitutes, addicts, etc. Rahab was the harlot of the city, but two of Joshua’s spies decided to stay at her house. Why, you ask? Maybe she had extra rooms and the officials wouldn’t think of looking there. Like Jesus who walked among the destitute and rebellious, the spies decided to visit a brothel.

The woman took two strangers into her house. She had heard about God bringing them many victories so she wanted God to save herself and her family. She hid them on the roof of her house, and when the officials came looking for the men, she lied to them. She told them they had left and didn’t know where they were going. Then she told the spies to leave quickly. She extended a rope down the wall so they could escape.

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Before they left she begged them to save her life and the life of her family when Joshua’s army came to invade the city. They gave her a promise only because she had shown them kindness. They told her to drop down a scarlet cord from the window which would be a sign for the army to pass by her house.

A Redemption Story

Rahab’s story is of a woman who trusted that God’s servants were sent to her home for a purpose. God is a God of many chances and He cares about the unlovable even in times of eminent death. He saves those who believe He can do it. Rahab had no doubts that the two spies would do what they said they would.

God took an imperfect woman with a controversial story to be part of His story. She was redeemed by faith just as she took the two spies in by faith not knowing what would happen to her if the king found out about her actions. She wanted so much to be associated with Joshua’s men because she had heard how God had protected them many times before.

When Joshua’s army came, they passed by her house when they saw the scarlet cord hanging down her window. She took the window of opportunity seriously. She had found the way of escape in dangerous times. Today’s unpredictable events are all around us….bombings, killings, natural disasters, etc. And many people show kindness to others. Perhaps some are Christian and some are not.  Anyone can help others in need.

The Scarlet Cord

This is an amazing story of one woman in the Bible who shows kindness, and gets herself lifted out of obscurity and becomes part of the historical redemption story of mankind!

The scarlet cord grips at my heart as I think about the blood that dripped down Jesus’ back, arms, head, and feet just to save me. God was there when I was a young girl bullied by boys who could have harmed me. I was protected. I was redeemed before I even knew it. I would have gone the wrong way if it wasn’t for God’s mercy and grace.

The cord is still extended. The price has been paid. His crown of thorns became the crown of redemption for anyone who believes. The lifeline still hangs down the window.

Sometimes all hope seems gone. But then God brings a surprise in most unconventional ways.

A low-life prostitute brought redemption through the lineage of Jesus.  How can it be? With man it’s impossible but with God all things are possible! Even freedom from drug addiction, prostitution or any other bondage is not an unreachable goal.

Hope still lives!

(Read the full account in Joshua 2)
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