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Should you break Christmas traditions? If so, which ones should you change? Under what circumstances should they be changed? What if families would return to the Christmas of long ago and peace reigned on the earth?

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Are Christmas traditions valued as much today? Different countries have their own Christmas traditions. Not any one is better than the other. But have you ever tried to break a family tradition without questioning from some family members?

What would aunt Susie (sorry if your name is Susie) say if you didn’t invite her this year because every year she causes a scene?

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What if this year you gave presents to the needy instead filling your closets with more ugly sweaters and stuffed toys?

What if this year, you cut back on the food and decorations and increased quality family time with games and just hanging out. Healthier too.

Or have we lost the art of conversation to the technical gadgets that take our time away from the people that are near?

I know, you’re going to say, “That’s old-fashioned.” I’m an advocate of social media and the gadgets just as much as you are but could we wean ourselves in order to celebrate the biggest birthday celebration of the year, our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ born in a manger!

As Christians, we celebrate not only the birth of Jesus but the death and resurrection as well. God, the Father sent us his son as the gift for our eternal salvation. The gift is free to anyone and everyone who receives it.

A tradition that my family continues to this day. When my father was alive he always read the Christmas story from the Bible, and when he passed on the privilege fell on myself, the eldest child. Now my own family carries this tradition.

Reading the Scriptures keeps Christ in Christmas.

As we get older we long for simplicity. Gifts need not be elaborate, nor fill up the whole living room floor. To me, the lights, colors and star/angel on the Christmas tree bring on the emotional experience.

Embrace the changing traditions and culture….but don’t forget the real reason we celebrate. If it’s not custom for you to attend church at Christmas, break tradition and visit a church near you.

What traditions do you plan to break this year?

Listen and see the Christmas story via Sand Art from the Concert at Saalem Church.




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