I will add books, websites, blogs, and any other information about topics that I know about. It’s just for you to check out for your information and education.

1. Healthy lifestyle choices.

2. A Prescription for Addiction: The Changing Face of Drug Abuse in Canada

This is a revealing article written by Lisa Hall-Wilson in the Testimony magazine. (March 11, 2010)

3. How Addiction Treatment Killed Cory Monteith

A very informational article about opiate addiction and different treatment types. Why some work for some people and not for others?

4. Blog by a mother on how she survived her son’s active addiction. Her book “Stay Close” is a helpful tool.

5. Adult & Teen Challenge websites

Central Canada:        National:

6. Blog about research on addiction as a brain disease.

7. Healing for addiction – recovery coach for family members caught in the middle.

8.  A story of an addict who won the lottery but lost it all to drugs.

CTV Winnipeg News

9. A novel, Still Alice, by Lisa Genova provides knowledge on living with dementia.

10. Dealing with life-changing events. Videos of various topics of people sharing their stories. Why is This Happening?

11. Bible Gateway…a dictionary, commentary and more for looking up Bible topics.

Bible research.