Cooking Humor With Mac And Cheese

Cooking Humor With Mac And Cheese. Our granddaughter had just come to the cottage. It was lunch time. She wanted mac and cheese. That was easy to prepare, so I pulled out a box. I boiled the water and put the macaroni in the pot. Within minutes it was ready. She and I sat down at our outdoor dining area by the lake. I asked her if she thought it was a little odd tasting. Her face told me that maybe yes. But we ate it. She loved it.

Me, not so much.


I kept thinking what was different about it. It must be the brand since I’ve never used this one before. I should write the company that there’s something wrong here. Even asked my husband to remind me what the box said. It was labeled creamy.

That wasn’t it.

So I did what we should do when we’re looking for something misplaced. I retraced my steps! And went back to the kitchen and checked my jar of salt, thinking maybe it was sugar. We use jars for different ingredients at the cottage instead of the labeled boxes from the store. Cooking humor.

Cooking mac and cheese fun with humor.

We both tasted it. Salt…so that wasn’t it.

What’s the mystery of the odd sweet taste of the mac and cheese? Now heavy into solving the problem, I looked on top of the stove. The pot still had some left. I scraped the remaining mixture into a plastic bowl and put it in the fridge.

Still no answer.

We usually eat leftovers, but this time I may need it for evidence. But soon had a change of heart and tossed it into the trash. About two hours later and after swimming, she asked me if we had any left from lunch.

Imagine that…she wanted more!

My husband got her a sandwich while I fretted. Why did it not taste right? I usually like mac and cheese, whether it’s from a box or not.

Earlier that morning.

We had watched birds in the feeder chirping away. It reminded me that I hadn’t put the hummingbird feeder out yet, and it was the end of July! So I got on it right away. I looked up a recipe for hummingbird food. Within minutes I had it. I followed the instructions and left the sugar water in a pot on the stove to cool down!

I had my answer.

What’s your cooking disaster story?

Check this Cookin’ Mimi blogger for a real recipe for delicious homemade mac and cheese.

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Avoid kitchen mishaps, don’t cook, or get a recipe from the pros. My motto!

Interview – How To Live With Autism After Adoption

How To Live With Autism After Adoption  Recently I sat with Sylvia, a young mother, and talked about her not-so-normal family.

Tell me how you came about adopting your son, Dawson.

We had talked to CFS that we wanted to foster a child. They told us that they won’t contact us for 3 or 4 months, but about 2 or 3 weeks later they called us and said we have a child for you. They had never seen us or never been to our house. We were totally in shock. We went to the hospital and met the child and the social worker who was visibly nervous.

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Take Risks With Outside-The-Box Thinking

Thinking outside the box is not for everyone, only the brave and courageous take risks. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to step across the boundaries, and take a stand? Words have power and create solutions in the atmosphere, but once they turn to action the consequences become visible to others.

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Colby’s Story – A Child Abandoned

Colby’s Story – A Child Abandoned is one of many stories that will grip your heart when a child falls prey to devastating experiences. Studies have shown that there are similar backgrounds of those who get enslaved by addiction. One is genetics. Another is environment. Others are basics like peers, adventure, or mental illness.

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Decade By Decade I Knew You

First Decade – I knew you…
  • when you were born as the middle son of three who broke the rules of tradition and dreamed of faraway places
  • when business and salesmanship blood burned in your bones to create your Christmas card sales strategy before any competition could jump in
  • when with dirty face and muddy hands you never let go of the rod waiting for the finest fish for mother to cook that night

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Take Me Home Lord Jesus

The month of September will be remembered forever, not for its beauty and warm summer weather, but for the uplifting of our mother to Heaven, the eternal home she so longed for during the past several months. Time had come. We had to let go. She wanted to be by her husband’s side and to see her three children dance on those golden streets.

“To everything there is a season…, a time to be born, and a time to die…a time to heal.” Ecclesiastes 3

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Remember: Living With Dementia

Trying to remember. One of the symptoms of living with dementia. Daily visits with my own Mother has become a journey of remembering and prayer. Together we read the scriptures and ask God to help us remember. “But I will remember the Lord’s deeds; yes, I will remember your wondrous acts from times long past.” (Psalm 77:11 CEB) Stories of the past flood the brain in waves, until one moment, she reaches into childhood, then next moment she knows her location only to experience, a few minutes later, she has no idea who you are or the location of her house, not to mention her own bed in a long line of beds in the hospital. How to make it back to bed from the bathroom, which is just around the corner, becomes an impossible task. The simple task of spatial orientation becomes distorted. That’s devastating to the dementia patient most importantly, but also to the people around them. I wonder what would a brain look like when a person with Alzheimer’s tries to put thoughts together in some logical way? The medical workings of the brain disease are too complex for me, but the scriptures shed a little light … Read more

Dinner Plate With A Crack

Dinner had been served for many years using this faded dinner plate with a crack down the middle, but the purpose to which the plate had been created had changed. This old ceramic plate had gone through years of wear and tear, hand washed with a scrubbing brush, and later, in the dishwasher with all the harsh chemicals and boiling hot water. Until…. During years of wear and heavy use, the scuff-marked white plate had been handled with less care, and it had slipped from the hands of the user taking a tumble on a table. The plate remained intact, but a hairline crack appeared, at first on one side of the plate, but a longer grey crack line soon set in cutting diagonally across the middle of the plate. Now a cracked dinner plate. What to do with it? Discard it. Use it. Display it. Break it. What purpose is served by a cracked dinner plate? None. Wrong.   Fragility of a cracked dinner plate. If you abuse it by handling it roughly, and use it for any other purpose than it was meant for, it can shatter in the hands of the user. It may fall on the floor … Read more

Depression: No Blame No Shame No Stigma

Depression: no blame, no shame, no stigma. The more we know about depression the less we judge people who suffer from this illness. The world grieves at the loss of a famous actor and comedian Robin Williams at age 63. Apparently he suffered from both addiction and depression causing his ultimate passing from suicide. Although he did get treatment for his illness, the disease took over. His legacy of bringing laughter and healing to the world will live on through his career.

What good could come out of this?

One thing people all over the world are doing right now — they are talking on social media. People talk about his great legacy and about his life. All kinds of people have something to say…both the celebrities and the common people have felt shocked and saddened by the loss of Williams. The topic of depression and substance abuse has been brought to the forefront.

Everyone, especially family members and friends, are reminded about any mental health issue in the family. But more often, even those close to someone suffering don’t know because the symptoms are not easily identifiable  and often hidden. Apparently those close to Williams did not see it even when he talked about it.

What are people saying?

Some say that depression is in the mind and that people should just rise up and get over it. Others say it’s selfish to take one’s life. Research shows that one in seven suffer from some kind of mental illness. There should be no blame or shame, and the stigma must be removed through educating the public.

Photo credit Stuart Miles via
Photo credit Stuart Miles via

Untreated depression is a serious disease, and when mixed with substance abuse it could be fatal. We need more awareness to the complexity of the disease. Police officers who confront mental illness on a regular basis need more training about it to prevent accidents due to lack of understanding. The 18-year-old on the Toronto city bus who was killed by police bullets could have been avoided.

People suffering from physical disfiguration can be seen by others, but when it’s in the brain it’s  mostly invisible until behaviour becomes crazy or otherwise noticeable. A physical illness is easier to understand but depression is more difficult to comprehend unless we’ve seen it close hand.

What could others do to prevent tragic endings?

Pray. Be close. Be a friend. Know the symptoms. Understand more. Show compassion. Spread the word. Remove the stigma by talking about it. Do something, anything, to help.

(An excellent post by August McLaughlin on When Depression Strikes: 5 Ways to Cultivate Hope and Healing gives insightful information about depression.)

After doing all this, and tragedy happens, believe that it’s not your fault, and don’t blame the loved one. We don’t know all that went on in the mind at the moment. Only God knows. We grieve, but we live on and in time the pain lessens. One day you realize you are healed, but the memory is never forgotten. (my experience)

Christians have too many pat answers to complex issues like depression. Is it a mental illness or not? I used to think ‘why don’t they just stop acting so sad’ and say ‘the joy of the Lord is my strength’ and get on with life! How uninformed when it comes to depression?

My sister’s life and death.

I had no idea until suicide took my sister at the young age of 34. Because she lived far away and had a successful career as a nurse I had little knowledge about her mental state. I should have been there, but I wasn’t, even when her life seemed dangerously stressful. Seeing a few hints that something was terribly wrong a few months before her death, we tried to encourage her to come home but she had a mind of her own. She ended up coming home in a casket instead!

Sad. Shocking. Unbelievable.

2014-08-14 007

Some people are quick to judge and say that the person is selfish or wants to punish. Not true. My sister loved God but life had become too unbearable in her own mind. As a person of great compassion for others she loved her chosen occupation of caring for others, but could not care for herself and wouldn’t let others care for her.

Depression does not discriminate.

It can happen to anybody whether Christian or not at any time. The sad thing was that when this happened Christians did not understand and made us feel worse than we already were. Some even condemned her to hell because she killed herself. But God gave us confirmation from the Word that my sister made it to heaven.

But if your work is burned up, then you will lose it; but you yourself will be saved, as if you had escaped through the fire.  (1Cor 3:15 GNT)

Sometimes it’s better not to say anything and just be there. Ann Voskamp’s blog What the Church & Christians Need to Know about Mental Health and Suicide enlightened my heart.

Talking about depression and the issues that go along with it is healing for me personally as I grew up in an era where talking about hard issues was not done. Allowing for emotions such as anger, guilt, shame and blame is part of the grieving process, even when the loss of a loved one happened long ago.

Photo credit David Casillo Dominici via
Photo credit David Casillo Dominici via

I still remember Irma as a beautiful and intelligent young woman who could have helped so many. In spite of the decades that have passed, she is in my thoughts, especially now as the world mourns the loss of an actor who brought so much happiness to others.

Here is a beautiful song called Lullaby by Nickeback. There is Someone reaching out to help.

Depression hurts, but there is help available, both medically and spiritually. God brings comfort to those who mourn. May He bring peace to the family and friends of Robin Williams in their hour of need.

God blesses those people who grieve. They will find comfort! (Matthew 5:4 CEV)

If you or anyone else suffers please ask for help.

What are your thoughts on depression? What are some ways to cope with grief?