Overcoming Disappointment By Remembering The Good

Overcoming disappointment by remembering the good. Ever experience unexpected setbacks that cast you in an emotional roller coaster? Ever felt out of control? When discouragement weaves in and out of your life, you wonder what you’ve done wrong, and start moaning about the cards you’ve been dealt. You wonder if God has left you when you feel so alone.

Then after meditating on his goodness, you remember the times when he showed up and brought you out of the dark place, and provided for your every need. His actions spoke louder than words. The breakout you experienced directed your life into a new vision and purpose.

God had been working out the solutions all along. You just had to release your hold on the problems. Letting go of the self-pity. Life brought out the hidden joy, and setbacks disappeared in the face eternity. You snapped back into control, not to control others or circumstances, but to control your own feelings.

The Israelites complained about their living conditions so many times and did not remember when God had brought them out of Egypt. At times we behave like these people in the Bible forgetting how God had brought us through our past disappointments.

Every time we’re faced with a let-down we need to focus on the time when God helped us to rise above it. Refuse to live in the emotional stress forever, resist and fight the battle of the mind. Remember the thoughts God has for you are good, not to harm you but give you an abundant life, even in the area of the emotions. It’s a fight, but you can do it, and refuse to fall into self-pity.

“I will remember the Lord’s deeds; yes, I will remember your wondrous acts from times long past.” (Psalm 77:11)

This is one way of overcoming disappointments.

Begin the day with remembering the good times you’ve had in life. Answers to prayers. Little miracles. Protection. Provision. Friendship. Whatever. Great actions have resulted just because you’re a child of God, and called upon His name and how he answered.

But during times of emotional stress, whether self-inflicted or brought on by others or circumstances, we often forget the past, and only think of the present and remain inconsolable unless we fight the battle of the mind, and meditate on the good.

Does time heal the past?

No. Nothing happens if the issues of the past still bring the emotional pain. There may be deep wounds, but once they are healed the pain goes away, and the bitter heart becomes soft again. This is only possible through asking for forgiveness or receiving forgiveness in order to receive a pure heart.

Remember the good times!

Here’s a devotional about change.

Do you fear change?



Poem: Mother’s Anguished Love For Her Child

When your heart is troubled and grace for the day seems depleted, you wonder why God has left you. Was he there when suddenly your life pathway turned rocky as your sick child rips at your heart, and the mess of the world weighs on your shoulders? Why does love hurt so much? A Mother’s Anguished Love For Her Sick Child.

Thinking about the journey ahead, I penned this little poem for our pastor’s wife a few days after the family moved to Toronto to attend Sick Kids for their then 5-year-old son’s bone marrow transplant surgery. I emailed the scribble to her on February 14, 2017. Here is the link to her public Facebook group called Jeremiah’s Bone Marrow Transplant where you can see their journey through Tamara’s detailed posts.

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How Can A Dream Matter?

How can a dream matter? Some do and some don’t. A few nights ago one dream reminded me of God’s grace. Most people have numerous dreams, not me. This is significant for that reason, and also because I remembered it very distinctly, even days later. I’ll share it here in detail without any interpretation.

Dream – Scene 1

We had just rowed our little boat across a small lake. My husband had already stepped out of the boat and onto the dock by an area of bushes, definitely not a beach, a little rough but the wooden dock was big enough for a few people and to tie up the boat. I remained in the boat but it slowly moved outward so I asked him to hand me the oars.

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Dilapidated Shed A Beautiful Room

Rebuilding a Dilapidated Shed. The choice to step inside or not weighed on my mind. Will the floor hold me or not? The rotten wood could cave in anytime. If you looked at the back wall you might see the critters scrambling to get out through the wide cracks.

Looking at the wet ceiling that’s been exposed to the rain and snow makes you wonder if for any reason you would store your valuables here.

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Change – Fear It Or Face It With Grace?

When you face a coming change what feelings rise to the surface of your soul? Perhaps fear arises and chokes rational thoughts? Or anxiety robs you of the joy for today. Or thoughts reflecting on the past won’t let go.

Change is frightening but it brings refreshment. --Joyce Meyer

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Why Celebrate Second Choices?

Second choices. Secret desires. If you’re not the first choice make yourself the best choice. You are not a failure, but a priority for God’s purposes. Since it`s the time of year when graduations are happening all over the country, I thought it would be appropriate to share my story here. Mesmerized by the fact that I was considered as the invocation speaker made my heart beat with nervousness. Internally I was elated, and accepted to deliver the invocation for our high school graduating class in front an audience of 1500 people at our community auditorium. It was customary for a retiring teacher to give the speech, but I’m not sure how the choice is made. That year was different. There were only two of us retiring. As my life had often been a life of second choices, this was no exception. The other retiree was asked first but she declined so the lot fell on me and I accepted. (And fulfilled one of those secret desires on my bucket list–to speak in front of a large crowd!) Determination has played a major part in my life, and second chances should be celebrated instead of frowned upon. Since I`m not … Read more

Remember: Living With Dementia

Trying to remember. One of the symptoms of living with dementia. Daily visits with my own Mother has become a journey of remembering and prayer. Together we read the scriptures and ask God to help us remember. “But I will remember the Lord’s deeds; yes, I will remember your wondrous acts from times long past.” (Psalm 77:11 CEB) Stories of the past flood the brain in waves, until one moment, she reaches into childhood, then next moment she knows her location only to experience, a few minutes later, she has no idea who you are or the location of her house, not to mention her own bed in a long line of beds in the hospital. How to make it back to bed from the bathroom, which is just around the corner, becomes an impossible task. The simple task of spatial orientation becomes distorted. That’s devastating to the dementia patient most importantly, but also to the people around them. I wonder what would a brain look like when a person with Alzheimer’s tries to put thoughts together in some logical way? The medical workings of the brain disease are too complex for me, but the scriptures shed a little light … Read more

When Friends Leave AndThe Gate Closes Look Up

When Friends Leave And The Gate Closes Look Up. Recently we listened to the most amazing message from T.D. Jakes. It was titled “I Got It”. Referring to the people in our lives who constantly lift us higher, and carry us closer to our destiny. He talked about our need to be constantly encouraged by others. We may need help with finances, borrowing until payday, or help with finding a place to live for a while, or help to find our way out the messes of life. Or inspiration to follow our dream.

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Are Goals Needed For Success?

Are goals needed for success? If you set goals you’ve made resolutions that you intend to keep, but if you don’t, how are you going to change. Aside from the main ones of losing weight, eating healthy and exercising what other goals are there? The self-improvement ideas probably result from the Christmas Season when we feel bloated and sluggish. Looking back first. The year 2014 brought many major events that I had not anticipated in the beginning of the year when I had set my goal with one word instead of the traditional New Year’s resolutions. One word from the beginning of the year — CHANGE My idea was to intentionally increase the presence of God to my schedule and see measurable changes. I must confess the goal of reading one chapter of the Bible did not happen every day. I did start our super excited, but failed in the end when life got a little crazy. Three major changes of 2014 that greatly impact our lives now and in the future: #1  My mobility changed for the better after surgery when a new hip was implanted in my body. #2  Our housing changed when we moved from a condo … Read more