Dinner Plate With A Crack

Dinner had been served for many years using this faded dinner plate with a crack down the middle, but the purpose to which the plate had been created had changed. This old ceramic plate had gone through years of wear and tear, hand washed with a scrubbing brush, and later, in the dishwasher with all the harsh chemicals and boiling hot water.


During years of wear and heavy use, the scuff-marked white plate had been handled with less care, and it had slipped from the hands of the user taking a tumble on a table. The plate remained intact, but a hairline crack appeared, at first on one side of the plate, but a longer grey crack line soon set in cutting diagonally across the middle of the plate.


Now a cracked dinner plate. What to do with it? Discard it. Use it. Display it. Break it. What purpose is served by a cracked dinner plate?



Fragility of a cracked dinner plate. If you abuse it by handling it roughly, and use it for any other purpose than it was meant for, it can shatter in the hands of the user. It may fall on the floor with shards bouncing all over the room injuring anyone in the way, or it may split in two.

Its purposeful use ends.

An old relic fit for a museum to be enjoyed by others. Perhaps.

Reinvent. Create different artistic uses. Or use with other plates. There are many creative ways to use cracked up dinner plates.

Old dinnerware can crack so unexpectedly, but may still be used with caution.

Repair it.

But is it worth it? Once it’s repaired, its use is forever changed. It may be displayed for others to view, but it may never, or should never, be used for food. It’s too fragile and may carry bacteria in the cracks or in the toxins used in the filler or glues.

Why I am sharing this?

I saw an old faded plate with a grey line through the middle in a dream, and I started meditating on it. Having my mother in the hospital, and in a condition where she needs caretakers to take care of most of her needs, I think on this as a reminder to be careful how to handle people that are weakened by old age or sickness. I’m also reminded that they once served dinners, perhaps in beautiful settings as this one, when they lived purposefully and in good health.

Photo credit Rosen Georgiev freedigitalphotos.net Photo credit Rosen Georgiev freedigitalphotos.net

Be careful what words you dish out. Words are the food to the soul, but the vessel into which we pour them may be delicate. Words can make a difference in healing and comforting others. Positive life-giving words are healing for the heart, while negative complaining words can mess with the hearer’s mind and emotions.

Even with cracks throughout the body or mind, there is purpose even when that purpose has been altered.

Food is no longer served using the familiar dinner plate and weakness surrounds the body, but the spirit comes alive by the Word of God. His words are strength and vitality to the spirit.

A single dinner plate with a crack down the middle has its uses, whether for its original purpose or for an alternate use. Sometimes our lives endure hardships and cracks appear but a thankful heart keeps us strong to fulfill God’s purposes. A vessel fit for useful purpose remains as we submit to His will.

What uses have you created for old vintage ceramics?

Pirkko Rytkonen

Wife, mother, and grandmother. Christ follower and seeker of truth. Blogging to inspire and encourage others.

4 thoughts on “Dinner Plate With A Crack

    1. Thank you for reading my FB post and this blog. Making goals sometimes helps, especially when you want to get out of doing something. I read this quote from Kirsten Lamb, and it fits nicely for the writing life as well. “Consistency Is Better Than Rare Moments Of Greatness.” Can’t rely on inspirations or dreams, but keep on writing consistently.

  1. As I am sure you appreciate, I am touched by your story. It also brought back memories of my college days. I visited my friend’s grandparents while down east. This old couple carefully set the table with cracked plates mended with duct tape on the bottom and forks that were worn so thin and sharp from decades of use that I deemed them dangerous. I have never forgotten it. Thanks for sharing these life lessons. We need to be reminded. – J

    1. Those memories are precious whether its your family or not. Yes these kinds of life lessons can be applied to every day living in our relationships. I, too, lived with an elderly couple during my university days, but can’t remember if they used cracked dinnerware, probably not.

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