A Scene of Rainbows

It was already almost ten o’clock in the morning when I was looking for my morning coffee. I walked into our living room, and looked at the scene before me through the large windows. God’s glory appeared in the form of two rainbows with an array of colours.

This was comforting to know God showed up, especially in the light of the disturbing news I had heard the night before. My sleep had been interrupted by thoughts of helplessness in the circumstances.

I was awed by the colour schemes. Then as I reflected on God’s promises for my sons, I literally saw the larger rainbow disappear before my very eyes, slowly as if a brush was wiping the colours off the blackboard! But not before I could thank God for His promises.  Then very slowly the smaller muted, faint rainbow started vanishing into the dark clouds.

The first rainbow had purple, green, yellow, and orange in that order.  Amazingly the smaller rainbow had the colours reversed; first orange, yellow and then green.  The purple was not visible as it was so faint before it disappeared into the clouds.  The scene was so intricately placed in the sky by the Master artist just for me to see the beauty of God’s art work. If I was an artist, the colours would curve in the form of an arch beckoning for me to walk through the door to the other side. I just wanted to feel safe in God’s arms.

Why was this so significant this morning?

God knows what we need to lift us up when we are filled with worry and anxiety. God was reminding me that there is hope and He is faithful.

My son made some bad choices which would result in serious consequences. I wanted to solve his problems but I was reminded that I was not in control. My choice was to let it go. It was his problem, not mine. It did not matter how much defeat I had already suffered, I had to endure.

What have I done to deserve the shame? Shame is only disguised fear. How many setbacks are there ahead? After processing my thoughts I accept the circumstances as they are. My part is to learn how to trust God again. I must walk through the door of opportunity for growth. There are good things on the other side. God is there waiting. He promises that He has given us a future and hope.

Instead of bathing in self-pity that day, I say a prayer for my son and ask God to give him wisdom and help in times of trouble.

Pirkko Rytkonen

Wife, mother, and grandmother. Christ follower and seeker of truth. Blogging to inspire and encourage others.

2 thoughts on “A Scene of Rainbows

  1. What a lovely picture . . . walking over the rainbow to our waiting heavenly Father. Beautiful! We must rest in Him – even when it’s hard. Thank you for encouraging us to do just that, Pirkko.

    1. Thank you for reading my about my very difficult personal experience. God was there, and will be there.

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